DONNA’s Individual Bucket List & Story

Donna is one of TWENTY seniors we had the pleasure of meeting, and interviewing during a local senior expo. Donna is a bright, fun-loving, and energetic senior. She had us laughing on and off camera! Her zest for life is mesmerizing, and contagious! If you haven’t watched her video yet, you can do that under our video’s link at the top of this page.

When we asked Donna what the #1 item on her bucket list was, she said “I want to drive a tank.” How cool is that?!

Donna had no idea that we were planning on researching ways to make this happen, but the minute she said it our wheels started turning. Our research led us to a company called Drive A Tank in Kasota, MN. After a few phone calls, and we are ready to help make this bucket list item a reality!

In order to make this a success we need your help in raising $5,000! This amount covers all of their travel expenses, food, hotel, flight, and the event itself. Our goal is to send Donna and her husband on this amazing adventure at the end of October.

Help us fill Donna’s bucket by donating today